Drafting of several memoranda for our client – Sandvik machining solutions AB

Drafting of several memoranda for our client, the owner of a manufacturing facility located on state-owned land plots. The memoranda discussed issues of legalising the building that was constructed on the land plots, considering that the lease agreement for the plots prohibited construction on them. The project was complicated by the fact that a building permit was not required when construction started, according to the legislation in force at that time, therefore construction of the building on the leased land plots was acceptable. A legal conflict arose when the legislation changed during the construction process: a building permit was needed to commission the building but the permit could not be obtained because the lease agreement does not allow construction on the land plots. The project was critical for our client, as it stood to lose its major investment if the building could not be commissioned. The project was also complicated politically because it involved interacting with the state authorities.

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