How in Russia the authorities confiscate land plots for state needs: seven cases / Comment / RBC Pro

Authorities can seize land from private owners in the interests of the state. At the same time, challenging the seizure itself is practically useless: the owner in court can only effectively argue about the amount of compensation. RBC Pro selected the most interesting cases on this topic.

In Astrakhan in 2020, during the resettlement of apartment buildings recognized as unsafe, residents were provided with alternative apartments in accordance with the Housing Code; the owners of commercial premises in these buildings resolved these issues through the courts. Arina Dovzhenko, Partner of the Real Estate and Construction Practice at Nordic Star, comments on this case as follows: “Current legislation provides for the principle of compensation based on the market value of apartments when relocating residential buildings because they are recognized as unsafe. With regard to non-residential premises in an apartment building (shops, cafes, etc.), the law does not directly regulate the issue of compensation – they usually act by analogy with the rules of housing legislation.”

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