Half-Year November Conference / AIJA (International Association of Young Lawyers)

The AIJA’s Half-Year November Conference took place in Paris from 29 November to 2 December 2023, titled “In Times of ‘Polycrisis’: Preparing for a Better Future through Resilience and Sport Values”. As we are currently facing strong headwinds and multiple crises globally, what lessons can we learn from the past? How transformative and agile are our ‘modern’ legal system and principles? Is our law resilient enough to face times of rapid change? How can we adapt and respond or, in other words, build resilience for a better future? The AIJA Half-Year November Conference in Paris was a great opportunity for young lawyers to come together, network, share views on how to survive the current global turbulences and find ways to build resilience together.

Nordic Star Partner Anna Zabrotskaya, who is AIJA’s National Representative in Russia, took part in the conference and participated in several meetings: the National Representatives Committee (NRC) meeting and Executive Committee meeting (for EC Members & AIJA Officers), as well as meetings concerning International Private Clients, and of the Family Law Commission, the Litigation Commission and the International Arbitration Commission.

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