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A few weeks ago, the YouTube channel MUR featured an interview between Madonna Mur and designer Yana Raskovalova, which brought to mind a long-standing conflict in the local fashion industry. The main participants are the Podium Market project, its former creative director and now the founder of PK connection and Slim Fit Club projects, Polina Kitsenko, as well as designers to whom the retailer owes a considerable amount of money for the goods taken for resale. Among them is Yana Raskovalova (with the brands Yana Dress and Yana Jewellery): according to her, Podium owes her about 30 million rubles. The conflict is five years old (the main events unfolded in 2017), but much about it is still unclear – especially who really owes what and to whom.

Anna Zabrotskaya, a Partner and Attorney-at-Law at Nordic Star Law Offices who heads the firm’s Dispute Resolution and Fashion & Lux Practices, commented to The Blueprint online magazine on why “formal disputes” and “artificial debts” can be used in such situations.

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