Annual Forum “Summary of 2021: laws and business” / Kommersant

Kommersant Publishing House in St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg State University have held an annual forum dedicated to summarizing legislative activities and assessing their impact on business.

As is traditional, heads and the senior management of leading international and Russian legal consulting companies attended the forum together with heads of legal departments of the largest companies in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, and representatives of public authorities, business associations, and higher education institutions.

Among the topics for discussion were issues related to the strengthening of control by customs authorities and the conducting of inspections, the reform of bankruptcy legislation, environmental trends within the ESG agenda, and changes in tax legislation, among others.

Arina Dovzhenko, a Partner and Head of the Real Estate & Construction Practice, spoke at the first session of the event. Arina spoke about environmental issues and ESG, sharing her observations on the development of environmental legislation in Russia and offering some useful recommendations for business.

Arina Dovzhenko

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St. Petersburg