Relocation, a residence permit and citizenship

Recent legal practice involves working on a number of new and non-routine matters such as choosing a country of residence, obtaining a residence permit, and relocation, as well as finding grounds for acquiring another citizenship. Given the considerable number of requests from our clients, Nordic Star Law Offices have established contacts with experts and advisers on matters of citizenship and relocation in countries that grant a residence permit and citizenship to Russian nationals on particular grounds. Our practice over recent months has had requests for residence permits to be obtained in such countries as Armenia, Georgia, Spain, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Portugal, Serbia, and Türkiye, and for citizenship to be acquired from Argentina, Grenada, Israel, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Moldova, Romania, the Republic of Türkiye, Uruguay and Montenegro. A number of countries (such as Israel, Kazakhstan and Romania) are granting citizenship to repatriates who can provide evidence of their roots or ethnicity. Other countries (such as Grenada and Türkiye) grant citizenship for investment.

Our experience shows that many clients with roots in the countries of the former USSR have specific grounds for having passports issued to them from a country of the former USSR or from Romania or Israel. Lawyers from Nordic Star Law Offices analyze each specific case and provide recommendations as to which option a client should follow if he or she has decided to obtain a residence permit and/or acquire an additional citizenship. The range of the issues our attorneys tackle includes the following: analyzing the legal regulation of the relevant country, searching archive documents, drafting applications to the competent authorities, and interacting with experts and advisers from the countries in question.

Areas of expertise

  • Analyzing the grounds for obtaining a residence permit in a particular country based on the wishes and status of the client and his or her family members, gathering documents and providing support during the process of obtaining a residence permit
  • Analyzing the biography, origin and roots of the client and his or her family members, and drawing up recommendations on the best option to be followed to acquire a new citizenship
  • Gathering and preparing documents necessary to apply for citizenship and providing support during the process when the relevant application is filed and considered
  • Resolving other legal and practical matters relating to obtaining a residence permit or a new citizenship, and relating to relocation
  • Providing full support during the process of renouncing citizenship
  • Providing tax planning advice to relocating individuals and companies

Recent cases

  • Assisted with obtaining a residence permit in a number of European countries (including Serbia) and in Kazakhstan
  • Assisted with obtaining passports of Grenada, Israel, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Romania, Türkiye and Montenegro
  • Provided support during the process when a number of clients renounced their citizenship
  • Provided support during the relocation of our clients and their family members to European countries, the Republic of Türkiye and Israel
  • Provided tax advice to a large international IT company as regards selecting a jurisdiction for relocation of, and choosing special tax regimes for, its Russian employees

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