The digital ruble has yet to transition out of the sandbox phase. Financial experts are debating whether it will be necessary for salaries and pensions to transition to this new form of currency / Comment / Nezavisimaya Gazeta

The Central Bank (CB) will need to conduct thorough testing of the digital ruble for at least a year before it can be widely introduced into circulation as a third form of currency. Currently, approximately 25,000 transactions have been carried out with the digital ruble in Russia, primarily among individuals. Experts suggest that citizens’ acceptance of this new currency will need to be cultivated, potentially through the conversion of public sector salaries and pensions into digital rubles.

Andrei Gusev, the Managing Partner at Nordic Star, proposes that the circulation of digital rubles could be boosted through government payments. As the quantity of digital rubles in circulation increases, so too will the volume of transactions. Mr. Gusev also suggests the possibility of implementing special legislation to promote transactions with digital rubles, possibly restricting certain purchases to be made exclusively with digital rubles.

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