Six months in intellectual property: black pikes, upside-down signs and counterfeit goods / Comment / Pravo.Ru, together with intellectual property law experts, are telling readers about interesting decisions and events in the first half of the year. The Supreme Court put an end to disputes on how to calculate losses from the sale of counterfeit goods, while the Intellectual Property Court (IPC) formulated several important positions all at once. For example, it did not allow a name trademark to be registered because the combination of the applicant’s name and surname is too popular, and it also declined to allow the registration of a designation with a spelling mistake.

Vera Zotova, a Senior Associate in the Intellectual Property and Information Technology Practice at Nordic Star Law Offices, offered her comments to online legal resource Pravo.RU. She drew attention to a dispute, which has not yet arisen, regarding the registered designation of the name of a Moscow cafe and explained what is happening on the Russian market now that well-known companies have left.

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