Nordic Star once again reaffirms its leading position in Kommersant’s legal rating

On April 10, the newspaper Kommersant presented the results of its annual rating “Leaders of the legal services market – 2024”. As has become traditional, Nordic Star Law Offices continues to hold leading positions in all key areas.

Top Lawyers: National Ranking:

• Agriculture – Andrei Gusev, Band 1;
• Tourism and Sports – Arina Dovzhenko, Band 1;
• Intellectual Property – Vera Zotova, Band 2;
• International Commercial Arbitration – Anna Zabrotskaya, Band 2;
• Manufacturing and Industry – Andrei Gusev, Band 2;
• Labor Law – Anton Borisyuk, Band 2;
• Environmental Law – Arina Dovzhenko, Band 2;
• Corporate Law (Mergers and Acquisitions) – Andrei Gusev, Band 3;
• Bankruptcy – Andrew Bezhan, Band 3.

Best Legal Practices: National Ranking:

• Labor and Migration Law (Consulting on Labor and Migration Legislation Issues) – Band 1;
• Arbitration Proceedings (Resolution of Commercial Disputes: HIGH-END) – Band 2;
• Intellectual Property (Consulting in the Field of Intellectual Property Law) – Band 2;
• Corporate Law (Mergers and Acquisitions of Russian Assets: HIGH-END) – Band 2;
• Bankruptcy (Bankruptcy of Legal Entities: HIGH-END) – Band 3.

 Best Industry Practices: Federal Ranking:

• Agriculture (Consulting for Industry Leaders) – Band 1;
• Tourism and Sports (Consulting for Industry Leaders) – Band 1;
• Construction and Real Estate (Consulting on Real Estate Transactions and the Implementation of Construction Projects) – Band 2;
• Manufacturing and Industry (Consulting for Industry Leaders) – Band 2.

You can familiarize yourself with the full version of the rating by following the link. Congratulations to our colleagues on their outstanding results, while we thank Kommersant for appreciating our work so highly.

Elizaveta Mitskevich
Marketing Manager