Nordic Star Law Offices and YJD Consult have entered into a cooperation agreement

Nordic Star Law Offices, one of the leaders among law firms in Russia, has entered into a cooperation agreement with YJD Consult, a company that specializes in corporate support for Chinese businesses in Russia and the CIS. The firms have discovered a great synergy because Nordic Star provides the full range of legal services in Russia and in most countries of the former USSR, while YJD Consult brings together international experts from Southeast Asia who speak Chinese and Korean.

Thus, the cooperation will integrate the unique knowledge and experience of the two teams in order to provide new business opportunities and support for companies entering the Russian market from Southeast Asia and China. It will also contribute to the successful adaptation of business in this competitive environment.

“We are pleased to announce our collaboration with YJD Consult,” comments Andrey Gusev, Managing Partner at Nordic Star. “I am confident that the partnership will open up new horizons and opportunities for us to grow, because current conditions, which often require non-trivial solutions and innovative approaches from us, are pushing us to look for new ways of development. We believe that combining our efforts will lead to the creation of unique solutions for businesses from China and Southeast Asia that will meet the challenges of the modern market.”

“In today’s ever-changing world, the business environment requires us to continually innovate and adapt,” says Jekkie Choi, head of YJD Consult in the Asia-Pacific region. “Today, Russia and China are playing a leading role in the joint development of the BRICS member countries and the Belt and Road Initiative. Therefore, we follow global trends, striving to find solutions and to contribute to the development of international trade between China, Russia and neighboring countries. We are confident that our cooperation with Nordic Star will be productive, contributing to innovation and sustainable development. Together we can overcome challenges, find new opportunities and achieve great results.”.

Andrei Gusev
Managing Partner, Attorney-at-Law

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