Made in India: how the Indian government helps launch an IT business / Article / RBC Global

India is a Russia-friendly country with developed legislation that follows the British model. This makes it attractive to Russian high-tech businesses, especially startups.

According to Vera Zotova, Ph.D., Senior Associate, and Olga Nechaeva, Junior Associate, in the Intellectual Property and Information Technologies Practice at Nordic Star Law Offices, India offers several advantages that appeal to freelancers, startups, and IT companies. One significant plus is that India’s government is actively supporting innovative development. This encourages the creation of new companies, especially those engaged in high-tech endeavors. Additionally, companies and startups in India receive various benefits from the government, further incentivizing their establishment and growth. Moreover, India’s legislation is aligned with international standards, granting reliable protection to intellectual property rights. This aspect is crucial for high-tech businesses, as it ensures that their inventions and creations are safeguarded against infringement or misappropriation. Overall, India’s combination of government support for innovation, favorable legislation, and protection of intellectual property makes it an attractive destination for Russian high-tech businesses, particularly startups.

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