European Fashion and Luxury Law Conference / IBA

Anna Zabrotskaya, Partner and Head of the Fashion & Lux Practice at Nordic Star, took part in the IBA European Fashion and Luxury Law Conference, which was held in Milan.

The event, which brought together more than 200 lawyers, entrepreneurs, designers and other professionals from the fashion and luxury industry, became a platform for discussing current legal issues facing this dynamic industry.

This year’s conference participants focused on the following topics:

▫️ Sustainable development: How to make the fashion and luxury industry more environmentally friendly and ethical?
▫️ New business models: How can companies adapt to changing consumer demands and market conditions?
▫️ Protection of consumer rights: How to ensure transparency and security in online trading?
▫️ Fighting counterfeit products: How to protect intellectual property and brands?
▫️ International trade relations: How to minimize the risks associated with doing business in the international market?

Read more about the conference and program on the official IBA website.

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